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  • Shavuot at HomeMake your Shavuot a fun meaningful experience with our Shavuot resources made up of delicious recipes, praying at home how-to, Shavuot inspiration and more! Shavuot Minisite
  • Annual Calendar CampaignBe part of our calendar campaign by placing a message-of-greeting or advertisement, allowing us to distribute the calendar free of charge to the Jewish Community. Support the Calendar Campaign
  • The Best CoffeeBuy a bag of the finest and freshest coffee from Armeno Coffee Roasters and they will donate 50% of your order to Shaloh House Chabad. Shop
  • Chabad CaresCommunity assistance relief efforts. Request help. Volunteer. Support and inspiration. Learn More
Under the direction of Rabbi Mendel Gurkow and his wife Chana, Shaloh House Chabad, founded in 1987 offers youth programs, adult education courses, community holiday celebrations and many more community services.
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Learning & Inspiration
  • How to Celebrate Shavuot at HomeHere are our tips for a Shavuot that is both delightful to the soul and pleasant for the person. Read More
  • My Wedding Plans Out the Window?Every person at your chuppah adds their soul energy Read More
  • Shavuot Kids Party PackageIncludes stories, fun games, and delicious treat you make yourself. Read More
  • 3 Ways Quarantine Is Helping Me Refine My Communication Skills Read More
  • Mount Sinai CakeShowcase the beauty of Mount Sinai with this beautiful Shavuot cake. Read More
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You may ask, “Why must I study and learn? Is not the truth already within me?” The truth is locked within, deep in slumber. It is awakened and liberated by the truth that comes from without.
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