• Order a Lulav & EtrogOne of the mitzvot of Sukkot is waving the "four kinds", the lulav, etrog, willow and myrtle. This mitzvah symbolizes the unity and harmony of the Jewish people. Waving them in all four directions signifies G-d is everywhere. Order Now
  • Sukkot Under the StarsCelebrate the first night of Sukkot, September 29th, at Shaloh House Chabad with a festive meal in the Sukkah at 6:30PM. RSVP
  • Pizza in the HutSpend an evening with friends hopping from sukkah to sukkah starting with pizza in the Rabbi's sukkah on Monday, October 2nd at at 6:00pm. RSVP
  • Simchat Torah at Shaloh House ChabadSing and dance with the Torah as we celebrate finishing another year of reading the Torah on Saturday, October 7th, at 7:15pm. Enjoy a deli buffet as we sing familiar tunes and learn new ones celebrating the Torah and the holidays. Learn More
Shaloh House Chabad is your home for everything Jewish in Stoughton and surrounding towns. It is a Vibrant, Friendly and Energetic community designed for all age groups. From Infants & Preschool, Teens, Young Families to our Synagogue community and beyond. Our goal is to connect our inner Jew with the inner Jew inside you. Explore it, You will find it rewarding.
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  • New Video: What Is Sukkot?Sukkot is a Jewish holiday celebrated by dwelling in a hut and waving the Four Species. Read More
  • What Can the Hebrew Word for “Festivals” Teach You?Appointments With G-d Read More
  • Entering G-d’s HutInfusing Meaning Into Everyday Moments Read More
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On Yom Kippur, the souls return to connect to their origin, carrying with them the divine sparks from all they've done in this world. Their return rises like an aroma of burning incense through the atmosphere, and through endless strata of spiritual realms, until it reaches a place beyond higher and lower. It reaches the essence of G-d. And there it becomes the essence of pure and ultimate bliss. On Sukkot, that divine, supernal delight reappears in our world, much as a cloud condenses from the vapor rising from the sea. And it manifests as the branches and...
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