• Reserve now for the Grand Torah Dedication & LunchJoin our Grand Torah Dedication on June 4th 11:00 am. Celebrate with us as we welcome our Torah into our Synagogue. Join this special ceremony followed by a Free celebratory meal. RSVP
  • Sponsor a letter in the Shaloh House Chabad TorahOpportunities are available to sponsor Letters, Portions and Ornaments for this new Torah. This may be your once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of such a monumental occasion.
    Dedication will be on Sunday June 4th at 11:00 am.
    Torah Sponsorships
  • Monthly Kiddush LevanahJoin us once a month for a traditional prayer for the moon with special insight and light refreshments Next service on Tuesday May 30th at 7:00pm
Under the direction of Rabbi Mendel Gurkow and his wife Chana, Shaloh House Chabad, founded in 1987 offers youth programs, adult education courses, community holiday celebrations and many more community services.
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  • Building G-d’s World With InclusionWhen a Special Teacher Helped a Special Child Read More
  • I Am No Longer That Abandoned OrphanWe need help from others, and being an adult is learning when and how to ask for it. Read More
  • 13 Basic Hebrew Words to Know and Use All the TimeThese words will help you in basic conversation and also give a glimpse into the fundamentals of... Read More
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Everyone agrees with all the wonderful advice and ethics written in the books of the sages. Everyone agrees that this is the way to run your life. Yet each of us has our escape route, to avoid bettering our lives by changing ourselves. We ask, “Were those words truly meant for me, or perhaps for someone else in another time and another...
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