• Big Joe the StorytellerA Presidents' day event for all families with young children
    February 20, 10:00am, at Shaloh House Chabad
    All are welcome, Free admission
  • Judaism DecodedA new adult education class will be starting at Shaloh House Chabad on January 24th. Judaism Decoded: the origins and evolution of Jewish tradition. Explore the mysteries surrounding interpretation of biblical law. Discover the wisdom and reasoning upon which Talmudic law is built. View Course
  • Monthly Kiddush LevanahJoin us once a month for a traditional prayer for the moon with special insight and light refreshments Next service on Tuesday February 28th at 7:00pm
  • Jewish Women ConnectEvery month at Jewish Women Connect we come together and we explore our Jewish spirituality as women and bringing warmth and inspiration into our daily lives. We nourish body and soul with good food, friendship and meaningful messages from our heritage. What is a Jewish Woman?
  • Mezuzah Campaign
    You can get a Free Mezuzah for your home or office today
    Read More
Under the direction of Rabbi Mendel Gurkow and his wife Chana, Shaloh House Chabad, founded in 1987 offers youth programs, adult education courses, community holiday celebrations and many more community services.
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Learning & Inspiration
  • Today Is 15 ShevatHere is how and why we celebrate the New Year for trees Read More
  • 10 Tu Bishvat Recipes to Make This Week Read More
  • For Your Yitro Hakhel Group (PDF)This weekly study packet is part of “Be a Leader” initiative. Print it out and... Read More
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We are trees, living two lives at once. One life breaking out through the dark soil into this world, struggling with all our might to rise yet higher, to answer the call of a distant sun. There we are laid bare to the fury of life’s storms, fuel to be consumed by its fires. Then there are our roots, deep under the ground, unmoving and serene. They are our ancient mothers and fathers, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob, Rachel, and Leah. Enlightened beings who lie within the very core of our souls. For them, there is no storm, no struggle. There is only the One, the Infinite, for Whom all the cosmos with all its challenges are...
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