• Loaves of LoveNominate a friend or neighbor for Loaves of Love, a Shabbat care package to warm the the body and soul. Tell someone you care with home made challah, chicken and readings for Shabbat. Nominate
  • JLI Torah StudiesEnrich your week with a dose of thought-provoking Jewish learning. Read More
  • A Mezuzah for YouWe live in times when we can all use an extra dose of connection and protection. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, the Shaloh House Chabad Mezuzah Campaign will enable you to receive a Mezuzah, for any Jewish individual or family in the greater South Area. We also encourage you to purchase additional Mezuzot for the the remaining doorways of your home, which we will help you put up free of charge. More Information
Shaloh House Chabad is your home for everything Jewish in Stoughton and surrounding towns. It is a Vibrant, Friendly and Energetic community designed for all age groups. From Infants & Preschool, Teens, Young Families to our Synagogue community and beyond. Our goal is to connect our inner Jew with the inner Jew inside you. Explore it, You will find it rewarding.
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  • Twelve Tips for the Jew That Just Started Keeping JewishIn case you're feeling overwhelmed, here's a hand to hold and a little guidance. Read More
  • Will the Real Leader Please Stand Up?Chur, Aaron, Moses – Three Styles of Leadership Read More
  • CTeen “Count on Me” EventBe inspired by amazing teens from around the world. Read More
  • Small, Yet GreatFriday was the "Small Purim," celebrated one month before the "Great Purim." What can we learn from... Read More
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Before the beginning, the Talmud tells, the Creator consulted each of His creations. He asked the lion, “Would you enjoy being a lion?” He asked the worm, "Would you enjoy being a worm?" And only after each thing agreed, only then were they created. The Talmud is not interested in fables. This is its way of telling us that G-d shares His delight with each of His creations. Just as He delights in bringing each of His creations into being, so each creation delights in being just what...
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