Welcome to our Intergenerational Playground where there's a space for everyone. Our fenced in yard is a beloved space used for the children in the Shaloh House Preschool, events at Shaloh House, High Holiday services and is home to the Frances Cain Community garden.

The infant area is fenced in with a soft padding allowing babies in all stages to crawl, scoot or cruise safely.

 The climbing structure is a fun place for children 2-12. 









The Frances Cain Community Garden provides fruit for preschool snack as well as for the shul's Sunday morning breakfasts. The garden is a great way for children to learn how to care for plants, take responsibility and to be proud of what they grew.


We now have a blacktop where children can run, draw with chalk, or where teens and adults can have games of pickleball and basketball.


No playground would be complete without a place to sit and enjoy. We have shaded areas with picnic tables.