Our curriculum consists of the following:

  • Hebrew reading and writing
  • Hebrew prayer
  • Jewish laws and customs
  • Jewish Holidays
  • Conversational Hebrew
  • Jewish History
  • The Jewish Calendar
  • Synagogue Life
  • Bible
  • Jewish song

Every month we concentrate on a Jewish theme. This theme is studied and explored, and is highlighted with contests and games. A full detailed curriculum schedule is prepared for each class, which is available to parents upon request.

Following are descriptions for each class:

KITAH ALEPH: The first grade class is designed for children ages 5-6. Here the class is introduced to the Hebrew alphabet, basic Jewish history, holidays and Mitzvot. The students participate in a more relaxed environment with fun and games.

KITAH BET: Second grade, age 7. Here the class will learn Hebrew reading. Using the Aleph Champ program, they will learn all the Hebrew letters and part one of the vowels. They will complete colors white, red, and orange of the Aleph Champ program. The class will also learn to write the alphabet, and take an in-depth look at the basic everyday laws, customs, and Bible history.

KITAH GIMMEL: Third grade. Here the class will continue to develop their Hebrew reading and writing skills, working on colors Yellow, Green and blue of the Aleph Champ program. At the second half of the year the class will begin using the Siddur for the daily prayers. We will further explore Jewish life and traditions such as the Synagogue, calendar and more.

KITAH DALED: Fourth grade. Here the class begins to learn Hebrew comprehension, they begin to recognize basic Hebrew words, recognize root words and gender words. They will eventually be able to form sentences and follow short stories in Hebrew. The class also takes an in-depth look at more advanced Jewish law.

KITAH HAY: Fifth grade. This class is ready to expand their comprehension skills in reading and understanding the Hebrew language and grammar. They will be trained to follow prayer parts of the Synagogue service, they will explore Jewish history into the era of the prophets and kings.

KITAH VOV: Sixth grade. This class further their Hebrew skills. They will begin learning from the Chumash (Bible). They will also spend more time on class discussion as they continue to further explore Jewish law and history and how they relate to current events. The children are encouraged to attend synagogue services to become accustomed with the service format.

When the children reach Bar/Bat-Mitzvah age, they will begin taking their Bar/Bat-Mitzvah lessons with the Rabbi, to prepare them for their Bar/Bat-Mitzvah service at our synagogue. In addition, the children will participate in a series of Bar-Mitzvah classes as an introduction to Jewish adulthood as a Jewish man, or Bat Mitzvah classes for a girl, teaching the significance and roll of the Jewish woman in Judaism.