Thirty-four years ago, Shaloh House in Stoughton set a goal to make a difference in the lives of fellow Jews, to combat Jewish assimilation and ignorance.

In 1987, Directors Rabbi Mendel & Chana Gurkow founded the Shaloh House preschool & kindergarten, in order to build a professional and quality Jewish program for families with children, who otherwise would not in any way be enriched by Judaism. Today, the Shaloh House preschool & kindergarten has reached that goal. It has earned a reputation of excellence in education, accredited by the OCCS and by the NAEYC, being a family friendly environment, where every child and every person counts.

They also founded the Shaloh House Hebrew School for children from families who are unaffiliated with any temple or educational institution. The program was designed to not only provide a solid Jewish education but also to instill the pride and spirit of Judaism in the hearts of children from age 5 through Bar Mitzvah. Today the Shaloh House Hebrew School has become a symbol of quality Jewish education in the South Shore area.

They also founded the Shaloh House Synagogue to provide religious services on Shabbat and Jewish Holidays, to help Jewish families and individuals from a wide geographical area read Hebrew and appreciate the significance of prayer. Today the Shaloh House Synagogue has become a place where people of all level of observance find a place to belong and comfortably share in the warm atmosphere of Judaism.

With the addition of Holiday programming, adult learning and pastoral services, Shaloh House is a full family service organization, a place where a Jewish family depends on for all of their family needs.