We are excited to let you know that we are gradually opening up Shabbat services with the following directions and restrictions:

Until further notice we will only be holding services Shabbat morning from 10:30 to 12:00 to cover Torah reading and Musaf. The Shacharit prayer should be done at home before coming to shul.

Services will be held indoors with chairs set up at proper distance.  All must remain in or at their chosen seat and keep a distance of 6 ft at all times.

Rest rooms should not be used.  

Masks must be worn at all times.

The Shul Talit will not be available, Please bring your own Talit before Shabbat or wear it to Shul.

If you are at the age of 70 and beyond please refrain from attending, likewise we are not encouraging children below Bar Mitzvah to come.  If for any reason you are not comfortable attending it is advisable that you refrain.

There will be no Kiddush or food served.

Following services we ask that you promptly leave for home and not linger and mingle.



Our weekly service schedule throughout the year:*

*because of corona there have been changes to the regular schedule - see above

Friday night service varies according to sundown times.       
Shabbat morning service followed by a Kiddush 9:30 AM.
Sunday morning service 8:00 AM followed by a breakfast of bagels, lox, coffee and cake.

In addition: Services will be scheduled occasionally during the week to celebrate special occasions, during secular holidays or to accommodate for a member’s Yahrtzeit.
To receive emails for such services please subscribe to our Minyan email list. You can find the Shaloh House subscription list under the "subscribe" drop-down on the top right hand corner of this page.
If you would need a Minyan arranged to help commemorate a Yahrtzeit or for another occasion please contact us.

Please refer to our calendar for schedule changes.


11 Reasons You Should Try Shabbat with Shaloh House Chabad

[1] The people are inviting and respectful

We pride ourselves on our warm and inviting environment. We welcome all — no questions asked! Want to try it out? Just stop by! There are no strings attached... You are welcome the way you are.


[2] We are a kid-friendly Shul

If your kids are being kids, that's fine with us... Children of all ages are welcome to participate. We say that G‑d might appreciate the children’s noise even more than the adults' prayers!


[3] You do not have to become a member

By us, every single Jewish person "belongs." You do not have to be a member, and affiliation is not necessary. And no, there are no dues. You do not have to pay to pray.


[4] Your opinion will be respected and appreciated

We value your input in every area, and would love to hear what you think.


[5] Services are held in a beautiful facility

Our shul serving Stoughton, MA and the South Area community, has been built just for you. You should come just to check it out!


[6] You will learn something new every time

The Rabbi will pepper the service with interesting thoughts and ideas regarding Prayer, the Torah, and Judaism in general.


[7] Prayers are joyful and uplifting

If you think Prayers are boring and stale, you have not been here yet... Between the singing, explanations, and insights, the Services are brought to life!


[8] A vibrant, interactive, and provocative learning environment

Want a long sermon on the Parsha of the Week? Go somewhere else! Want predictable answers? This is not the place for you. But if you want a stimulating give-and-take which is actually relevant, then give us a try.


[9] The Kiddush is delicious

Following Services, we sit down for a delicious Kiddush... You will not leave hungry!


[10] Our Rabbi really means it!

Our Rabbi is dedicated to making everyone feel comfortable. He will go out of his way to accommodate you. He is equally committed to teaching authentic Judaism in a friendly way. To that end, he will address issues and answer your questions honestly and sensitively.


[11] We want you here!

Enough said...