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Weekly Torah Studies Class 

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Enrich your week with a dose of Jewish learning from the weekly Torah portion!

Each week Torah Studies delivers timely lessons from the Torah, covering fascinating ideas and issues raised by the most timeless of Jewish texts.  A free class with Rabbi Gurkow related to the portion of the week. No prior Hebrew knowledge necessary.

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  Study Ancient Wisdom


A new class to begin at Shaloh House Chabad,   "Ancient Wisdom for today's world"  a study in the book of Tanya, considered by many as the Chabad Bible.  Written by the Alter Rebbe, the first Lubavitcher Rebbe, it teaches how to find the inner purpose of ourself, world and Torah.

It will be given by Rabbi Mendel Gurkow every Monday, starting Monday October 11, at 7:15, at Shaloh House Chabad or on Zoom.  Please sign up to receive the special zoom link.

This class is an inspiration of a group trip to New York we took last June.



Jewish Women Connect 


Feed your mind... Delight your soul... Nourish your senses

Jewish Women Connect provides an opportunity for women to meet new friends, socialize, and truly discover the power of the Jewish Woman. Through innovative workshops, lectures and creative activities we explore contemporary Jewish issues and discuss topics that lie at the bedrock of our faith. More >>