Shaloh House is synonymous with Chabad Lubavitch, a worldwide Jewish outreach network. The name Chabad describes the philosophy of the movement, whereas Lubavitch is the name of the city in Russia where the Chabad Rebbes lived and taught for 102 years.

Chabad is an acronym for 3 Hebrew words: Chochma, Bina, and Daas - wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. It signifies the philosophy of the movement, which states that in addition to serving G‑d through joy, simple faith, trust, and sincerity, one must try in accordance with his or her abilities to know G‑d through intellectual comprehension, as well as to generate true feelings of love and fear of G‑d.
Lubavitch means "Town of Love". Love for a fellow Jew has been the core foundation on which the movement was built.
Knowing G‑d and loving G‑d is synonymous with knowing and loving a fellow Jew. It is in this light that Chabad Lubavitch has spread its wings to reach out to every Jew, to give the Jew an opportunity to know and love G‑d to the best of his/her abilities.
Since the relocation of the Lubavitch movement to New York City after World War II, and under the leadership of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Chabad Lubavitch has spread the globe with over 3300 educational centers worldwide. In Israel there are over 250 educational and vocational institutions that have played an integral role in the development of the Holy Land. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, hundreds of Chabad Lubavitch Centers and youth camps have sprung up in the former Soviet Union, quenching the thirst for religion among Russian Jews. In this country, wherever there is a Jewish community, there is a Chabad Lubavitch Center. More than 1500 centers are presently helping to fill the spiritual gap within our people.
Here in the South Area, Shaloh House represents Chabad Lubavitch for the South of Boston communities.