Shaloh House has successfully built a community where people experience warmth and joy. We help them to build lasting happy memories. To date Shaloh House has attracted more than 15,000 families and is directly involved with more than 500 families to explore and connect with their dormant Yidishkeit. Shaloh House has become a leader in Jewish Outreach in the South of Boston area.

Today Shaloh House continues to expand its programs with the understanding that there is a growing need to find new and creative ways to bring Jewish awareness to more children and adults.



Our programs at Shaloh House include: 


Preschool & Kindergarten:

Building the leaders of tomorrow with emphasis on Jewish values and pride.

Hebrew School:

Instilling a strong sense of Jewish identity in their preparation for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Summer Camp:

Providing rich and meaningful summer fun under the caring guidance of our dedicated staff.


A traditional and Haimishe congregation with services throughout the year, on Shabbat & Jewish Holidays.

Bar/Bat-Mitzvah Training: 

Guiding boys & girls to their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, as they are developing their appreciation for Jewish adulthood.


Community Outreach Initiative:









Enriching the lives of thousands of children and adults with the spirit and pride of Judaism, with the following programs:

  • Greater Boston Family Day & Jewish Music Festival, a day of Jewish music, activities, crafts, and food
  • Jewish Family Expo, an interactive, intergenerational exposition on Jewish culture
  • Adult Education, women’s groups, Talmud Groups and lecture series
  • Girls Youth Group, teen parties, discussions & events
  • Monthly Havdalah Program, a family education program
  • Rosh Chodesh Breakfast, family breakfast & lecture
  • The Irving & Mamie Albert Jewish Children’s Lending Library
  • Jewish Holiday Awareness, Shofar factory, Sukkot family brunch, Public Chanukah Menorah lighting, olive oil press demonstration, Chanukah family dinner, Annual Purim dinner, Model Matzah bakery, Lag B’Omer carnival & barbecue, Shavuot ice-cream party
  • The Jewish home decorator, help with acquiring Tefilin, Mezuzot and Koshering your kitchen