Visit the Ohel

Visit the resting place of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, a site visited daily by hundreds around the world to pray for blessings and guidance in life. 

At the Ohel you can write a personal letter to the Rebbe to request a blessing for yourself, your family, or a friend.



770, named for its location at 770 Eastern Parkway, is the Lubavitch World Headquarters. 

A tour, led by our very own Rabbi Gurkow, will take you to the Rebbe's room and the Shul in 770.


Shop Kingston

Shop Kingston Avenue, the main street of Crown Heights.

You will find everything from food to Judaica stores to clothing to housewares... basically everything and anything.

Special Workshop at OK Kosher


Dinner at Prime Avenue

Enjoy a dinner at Prime Avenue, a popular restaurant in Crown Heights.