Retirement Plans

You may wish to designate Shaloh House Chabad as a beneficiary of your retirement plan. IRA's, 401(k)'s, Keogh Plans and others are subject to both estate income taxes. Consider designating Shaloh House Chabad as a beneficiary. This outstanding gesture gives the Jewish community a substantial donation at a minimum cost to your family.


How to designate Shaloh House Chabad as a retirement plan:

- Request a beneficiary change form from your retirement plan administrator to designate Shaloh House Chbad as the beneficiary.

- Designate Shaloh House Chabad as the beneficiary of your retirement plan. 

- This gift avoids both income and federal taxes.

- This type of gift is easy and can be done at no cost.

- You can continue to take withdrawals during your lifetime.

- You can always change your beneficiary if circumstances change.

- Avoid the low payout of some IRA's, which sometimes pay your children 30 cents on the dollar, with a generous donation to our local Chabad Center.

- Shaloh House Chabad will recieve 100% of your gift to encourage Jewish continuity.


Allow us to work with you, your family, and if desired, your financial adviser to develop the most personalized strategy for your goals. For more information contact us