Bequest - Creating a Jewish Future

How a Bequest works

- Designate a portion of your estate to Shaloh House Chabad for a Jewish legacy.

- Leave either a percentage or a specific amount to Shaloh House Chabad.

- A bequest does not cost you anything during your lifetime.

- After your passing, the trustee will transfer the money  or real estate to our institution.

- Bequests are revocable and can be changed or modified during your lifetime.

- Bequests can relieve the tax burden of your family.

- This is the most popular way for individuals to leave a Jewish legacy.


Residuary Bequest

Shaloh House Chabad is given a percentage of the estate.


Outright Bequest

Shaloh House Chabad is given a specific dollar amount or a specific asset, such as securities or real estate.


Allow us to work with you, your family, and if desired, your financial adviser to develop the most personalized strategy for your goals. For more information  contact us.